Disney Villain Sidekicks We Love To Hate & Hate To Love


Sometimes endearingly mischievous, sometimes charmingly ignorant



First-tier characters make a show great, but it’s their sidekicks that help make the story worthwhile—and no one knows this as well as Disney. The company has mastered the art of leveraging a secondary character to further a conflict or solution, solidify development and create humor.


This is true for both the sidekicks of heroes and villains, but no one makes us laugh, scratch our heads or seethe like a true Disney villain sidekick.

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Mr. Smee

Peter Pan (1953)


As unlovable as Captain Hook might seem to be, Mr. Smee proves to us that there is something to love in everyone. After all, no one looks after Hook’s wellbeing quite like Mr. Smee does.


Sir Hiss

Robin Hood (1973)


The right hand of King John in the Disney classic Robin Hood, Sir Hiss could fly with the help of a helium balloon, get drunk on ale and hypnotize anyone that gave him the time of day.



Beauty And The Beast (1991)


Because where would Gaston be without the constant praise and loyalty of LeFou? There would have been no one to stalk Belle or sing the opening lines of Gaston.



Aladdin (1992)


The dancing, cracker-eating parrot of Jafar helped his master put his evil plans to rule Agrabah into place. Thanks to Iago’s strong physique and perfect voice imitations and, Jafar was able to simulate a storm and distract Aladdin long enough to get Genie’s lamp.


The Hyenas

The Lion King (1994)


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If it wasn’t for Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, Simba would likely not have grown up to be the king he was meant to be. And at the end of the movie, it was also them that put an ultimate stop to Scar.


Pain & Panic

Hercules (1997)


With the number of mistakes that these two made, it’s hard to imagine why Hades kept them around. But if we had to guess, it would have to be their innocence and humor (and their ability to transform themselves).



Emperor’s New Groove (2000)


No one can cook like Kronk, no one can skip rope like Kronk and no one can mess up poisons and potions like Kronk.



The Incredibles (2004)


Intelligent, sultry and always on-point, Mirage was the perfect complement to Syndrome—that is, until she got her bearings together and saw him from what he truly is.


Bucky Barnes

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)


In the second installment of the Captain America franchise, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) faces off with Hydra’s weapon of destruction: a masked villain with a bionic arm whom Rogers soon discovers is his long-lost friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). Having suffered amnesia, Barnes is now programmed to destroy and assassinate. Alongside defeating Hydra, Captain America must now attempt to jolt his friend’s memory and get him back on their side, too.


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