Tired of Romcoms? Give These K-Dramas A Shot


Forget your typical high school setting; we’re hitting up crime scenes and court rooms



There’s a certain magic to K-Dramas. Locked and loaded with emotional ammo, these shows hold us in a vice grip in the best of ways. We’re all guilty of feeling our sides split in laughter and dabbing away at a few tears when onscreen relationships turn awry. These productions make us laugh, cry and sweep us off our feet—but the spectrum doesn’t stop there. If the run-of-the-mill romances and slice-of-life plots aren’t quite your cup of tea, don’t fret. Ahead, we introduce you to two fresh releases that venture outside these conventions.




What do you get when you put together a ruthless detective with a troubled past and a woman who can see three days into the future through her sketches? A talented albeit uncanny tag team all set to chase down a serial killer. Completing their line-up with a member of the Korean Army Special Warfare Command, each of these characters runs on different motivation: to crack the case, to help others, to seek revenge. Sketch marks K-Pop star Rain’s return to the drama scene, and also stars Lee Donggun and Criminal Minds actress Lee Sunbin.


Miss Hammurabi


A novel-turned-series, Miss Hammurabi is a story built around the lives of court judges. Starring Go Ara as the chief judge of the Seoul East District Court, Infinite’s Kim Myungsoo as a by-the-book judge firm in his values and Sund Dongil as a down-to-earth official with years of experience under his belt, this series delves into heartwarming stories despite its anchor being in the courtroom. Miss Hammurabi presents the flawed, human sides to its characters and charts their growth with each case they handle.



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