5 Times Han Solo and Chewbacca Were the Ultimate Partners in Crime


Some friendships are just written in the stars



Long before the likes of the Men in Black and Dom and Brian of The Fast and the Furious came one of the most iconic partners in crime in the universe. Since Han Solo and Chewbacca were introduced to audiences in 1977, cinematic friendships haven’t quite been the same. After all, it’s difficult to measure up to a pair of rebellious, freedom-restoring, Millennium Falcon-flying icons. Across the entirety of the stellar franchise, these two have been inseparable, constants at each other’s sides through every high and low.


Finally hitting the silver screen this month, Solo: A Star Wars Story gives us a long-awaited peek into the origins of this friendship. In anticipation, we recount 5 moments that prove Han and Chewie’s tried and tested friendship is among the best in this side of the galaxy.


“Laugh It Up, Fuzzball” 


Where it’s from: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back


What happens: Han ends up having to stay in Princess Leia’s company longer than planned and in true Solo fashion, he can’t resist picking on her a little. He is then shut down by the princess who calls him Laser Brain, much to Chewbacca’s amusement.


Why we love it: We know for a fact that Chewbacca is bound to Han by way of Life Debt and that they’ve made it through thick and thin together. But honestly, how could we resist Chewie jumping at a chance to poke fun at his best friend’s supersized ego?


The Carbonite Moment


Where it’s from: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, Episode VI – Return of the Jedi


What happens: In the fifth episode of the series, Vader was to freeze Luke Skywalker in a block of carbonite but was unsure a human could withstand the process. His test subject? Han Solo. He was then frozen to the horror of a tearful Princess Leia (who confessed her love to him in what would eventually become an iconic exchange) and his best friend. Thankfully, Chewbacca and Han were reunited in a holding cell after Leia rescued him in Episode VI.


Why we love it: Imagine the horror of watching your best friend’s demise, then the euphoria of getting him back. Chewie was so overjoyed to be back in Han’s company that he lovingly groomed him (much to Han’s amusing disapproval).


Revenge is Bittersweet


Where it’s from: Episode VII – The Force Awakens


What happens: Han Solo’s son, Kylo Ren, stabs him with the full length of a red lightsaber. In a blind rage, Chewbacca takes a shot at Kylo with his laser crossbow. Kylo survives the direct hit.


Why we love it: It can be hard to predict how one would react in a certain situation, but the moment Chewbacca found himself in was especially difficult. His best friend was killed in front of him—by his son, no less—and he did what his instincts and emotions told him to. If anything, this particular scene shows how much Chewie valued his best friend. Theories about whether or not the Wookie purposely didn’t land a fatal hit have been circulating since the release of The Force Awakens. It could have been an accident or it could have been due to the fact that he likely watched his best friend’s son grow up. We’ll let you choose what to believe, although we do recommend checking out the heart-wrenching comic below.



Comic by Tyson Murphy.


Chewie, We’re Home


Where it’s from: Episode VII – The Force Awakens


What happens: Han and Chewie rediscover the Millennium Falcon. With his weapon at the ready, Han utters these words in the weathered halls of the ship they recognize as home.


Why we love it: It all comes full circle in this scene: their adventures, their hardships, their years together. These three words feel like coming home. In fact, this moment was met with cheers and applause in cinemas when Episode VII of the series was released.


The Iconic First Flight


Where it’s from: Solo: A Star Wars Story


What happens: In the upcoming film, the future co-pilots meet and take the Millennium Falcon for a spin together—the first of many adventures.


Why we love it: So far, we’ve only got the trailer, but you can bet that we’re on the edge of our seats aiting for the full movie to officially drop. Han Solo and Chewbacca flying together for the first time? This is the beginning of something historical.



With a new film nearing release, the stage is set for long-time fans to discover the true beginnings of Han and Chewie’s friendship story. Stay on your toes, Star Wars junkies!



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