90s Crush-Ng-Bayans & The Movies That Made Us Fall In Love With Them


Nakakamiss naman talaga



The 90s was a pivotal decade for many of us—the millennials in particular. The culture was different, the fashion was out there and the music is missed. Of course, there were also the movies (and the actors and actresses that starred in them) to open up our eyes to more than innocent childhood books and parent-approved television.


Crush-ng-bayan is a term beloved by Pinoys everywhere, but it is reserved for those that really claimed the 90s (and our hearts).



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Patrick Garcia

Batang PX



In Batang PX, Patrick Garcia starred as the Fil-Am boy who just wanted his father to come home. The real conflict arises when his mother starts a relationship with another man and Patrick’s character threatens to move to the United States and stay with the father he had never met.


Rico Yan

Got 2 Believe



There are many Rico Yan movies to choose from, but Got 2 Believe gave us a different side to who is arguably the ultimate 90s crush-ng-bayan. Playing Lorenz, Rico was unromantic, goofy and against marriage in general. But with Claudine Barretto in the mix, you just knew there were going to be kilig moments all around.


Carlo Aquino

Bata, Bata… Paano Ka Ginawa?



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Carlo Aquino might not have been the star of Bata, Bata… Paano Ka Ginawa? (also known as Lea’s Story), but his role as Ojie was still a notable one. As one of the kids of a mom with two husbands, Ojie’s life wasn’t the easiest or the simplest—especially since his younger sister had such a big mouth on her.


Jodi Sta. Maria




Jodi Sta. Maria wasn’t the only fresh face to hit the screen when Jologs aired, but she sure is one of the most memorable ones. Playing Faith, we saw Jodi portray what it’s like to have a first sexual experience—and just how small the world really is.


Angelica Panganiban

Sarah, Ang Munting Princesa



While it was Camille Prats that took the role of Sarah in Sarah, Ang Munting Princesa, no one can forget Angelica Panganiban’s Becky either. She may have played the role of a maid in the film, but Angelica’s charm was clear from the get-go.


Claudine Barretto

Kailangan Kita



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What is a Filipino movie without a love triangle? In Kailangan Kita, Claudine Barretto played Lena, the unassuming sister who falls in love with her sister’s fiancé. This movie was all sorts of drama and controversy, but we loved Claudine a little more for it.



The decade may be over, but everything 90s is still alive in our hearts.



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