The Binge-Watch Emotional Cycle: The Post-Binge-Watching Blues Are Real!


Been there, felt that



Everyone gets a free pass to stream to their heart’s content today because it’s National Streaming Day!


It’s the only way to celebrate, really, and it’s only right that everyone’s new favorite way of watching got its own special day. As the latest game-changer in entertainment, it’s done a lot to redefine how we help ourselves to content like movies, series, documentaries, talk shows and more. Think about it: for the price of a single original DVD, we can now get instant access to thousands upon thousands of titles all in one go. Streaming websites like Netflix, HOOQ and FOX+ give us the freedom to watch and re-watch, discover new movies and revisit old favorites all at once.


Don’t want the fun, action, laughter and suspense to end? They won’t have to. Looking for uninterrupted viewing? It’s yours. Today, nothing can come between us and our favorite films and TV shows—not the networks’ schedules, not a lineup of commercials, not even cliffhangers from midseason breaks. The power indeed is in our hands. 


With great power, comes great responsibility...and great potential to get the most out of the entire experience. This is where binge-watching comes in. Ahead, we break down the all-too-familiar emotional cycle of binge-watching our favorite movie franchises and television series. From the moment we chance upon a new title, decide to go all in and marathon the entire thing to the moment we realize we’re nearing the finale and that it’ll soon be over, we’ve all been on the emotional rollercoaster ride.


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#1: When you start watching and wait to be impressed.

With fresh eyes and high hopes, we dip our toes into a new series. At this stage, we’re still getting a feel of everything. Does it take on a “slow burn” approach? Are the characters well-written? Is the plot a recycled concept? Will this live up to the hype? It’s perfectly fine to be detached and a little critical. This is the earliest stage of the binge; you can still bow out if you want to.



#2: When you get the first taste of a seriously amazing plotline.

Having binged on movies and shows before, we think nothing much else could impress us…and then a seriously amazing plotline comes to the fore. Only now do we consider ourselves hooked and the need to find out what happens next is vital. This is the moment we begin to revisit the number of episodes, review the running time of each one and check out the number of seasons available. We begin to gauge when, where and how we can fit this beautiful new discovery into our personal schedule. Here it comes: a desire to watch as many episodes back-to-back. We like to call this one the point of no return.



#3: When you become emotionally invested in some of the characters.

By this time, we have all claimed a favorite character or two. We learn things about their lives off-screen, begin to follow the actors who play them on social media and even ship some of the characters in real life. We take sides and pledge our allegiance to teams (#TeamMcDreamy? Or #TeamMcDreamy?) and confess our love for our favorites through memes on Facebook. This is also the stage wherein we start saying ridiculous things like: “I swear if the network kills off this character, I’m going to stop watching.”



#4: When you start to give up sleep for another three, four, five episodes.

Cliffhangers don’t signal us to stop and take a breath. They signal us to click “watch next.” At this stage, we try to squeeze as many episodes into our free time as possible. We watch before bed, we watch on the weekends instead of go out, we even watch while in transit and feel an immense sense of accomplishment whenever we complete an entire season.



#5: When you can’t stop talking about the show or the fact that you’re binge-watching it.

During this phase, the series takes over the part of our day-to-day that isn’t spent binge-watching. We don’t realize how often we make references to the show or use catchphrases and lingo our favorite characters use. Those who binge-watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, for instance, might begin to say things like, “yaaaas kween,” “no tea, no shade” or “sashay away.” We also can’t help but tell friends, colleagues and family about how amazing the show is and that if they aren’t already watching it, they should start.



#6: When you get to the finale and don’t know what to do with yourself.

We are transported back to reality, find ourselves at a loss for words over the amazing ride that show took us on and curse the fact that it’s all over. We’re happy, sad, grateful and annoyed at the same time; now, we can’t imagine how another show could possibly top this one.



#7: When you try to go back to regular scheduled programming AKA your life without binge-watching.  

“How do you do this again?” This is the part where we try to get back in the groove. We suddenly find we have so much time our hands again. We can get a full eight hours of sleep again, explore other ways to enjoy me time and swear to be more productive in school or at work following the marathon you allowed yourself to get sucked into. Our minds are clear: We now vow to do the sensible thing and put off binge-watching for a while.



#8: When the network announces the series is getting another season.

We knew it. We’re ready. Strike #7. 




With Globe At Home, it’s a happy National Streaming Day for sure. Globe At Home’s partnership with the top players in streaming like Netflix, FOX+, HOOQ and Viu (as well as Disney Channel for the kids) is proof of that. So if you haven’t already signed on for a plan that fits your binge-watching, entertainment-loving lifestyle, now is the perfect time to go all in and get the broadband plan you know you deserve.



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