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June 24, 25, 26 & 
July 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10

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Bonifacio High Street, Amphitheater, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig




Rock out to Green Day's American Idiot, a high-octane stage adaptation of the Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum album. Taking musicals a notch higher, it sends bold social messages with every song from the album plus several others from follow-up release, 21st Century Breakdown.


The story revolves around Johnny, Will, and Tunny—three disgruntled young men searching for more thrills in life. Johnny and Tunny leave the suburban life and get disillusioned with the city. Will is forced to stay to work out his relationship with his pregnant girlfriend, Heather. Through a strange twist of fate, Tunny joins the military and is shipped off to war. Johnny finds himself trapped between a seductive love interest with Whatsername, and a hazardous new friendship with his alter-ego, St. Jimmy.


An epic rock opera, American Idiot the Musical features little dialogue and rides the edgy beats and lyrics of Green Day's energy-filled album to execute the story line.


Original Broadway Production Produced by Tom Hulce & Ira Pittelman
Ruth and Stephen Hendel, Vivek Tiwary and Gary Kaplan, Aged in Wood and Burnt Umber
Scott M. Delman Latitude Link HOP Theatricals and Jeffrey Finn Larry Welk
Bensinger Filerman and Moellenberg Taylor Allan S. Gordon/Élan V. McAllister
Berkeley Repertory Theatre
in association with Awaken Entertainment and John Pinckard and John Domo
was originally produced by Berkeley Repertory Theatre, Berkeley, CA
Tony Taccone, Artistic Director / Susan Medak, Managing
Musical Arrangements and Orchestrations
Tom Kitt


AMERICAN IDIOT is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).
All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI. 421 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019 USA
Phone: 212-541-4684  Fax: 212-397-4684




After 10 cups of coffee, the cast is ready. Sit around and watch—we'll open the letterbomb one by one.

Basti Artadi



Basti is a Philippine Rock Icon and multiple award-winning vocalist of Wolfgang. He looms onstage as St. Jimmy, Johnny's alter ego aka "City Badass." Enigmatic and charismatic, he gets Johnny addicted to drugs and even grows jealous of his relationship with Whatsername.

Jason Fernandez



Jason is a former Rivermaya frontman and The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 finalist. He's Johnny, the self-proclaimed "Jesus of Suburbia" who takes off to get a new lease on life in the city. He wages an inner war between a budding love for Whatsername and a growing dependency on drugs and his alter-ego, St. Jimmy.

Yanah Laurel



Yanah is a two-time Aliw Award nominee for Best Actress in a Musical. She's Whatsername, a rebellious girl in the city who falls for Johnny. She's willing to follow him to the ends of the earth, but she needs him to embrace their relationship rather than his addiction. 

Miggy Chavez


Miggy is the lead vocalist of the rock bandChicosci. He portrays Will, Johnny's friend who stays in Suburbia to take care of his pregnant girlfriend, Heather. The more he stays on the couch, the more he becomes disconnected from the world and his relationships.

Alex Godinez



Alex previously painted the town pink as Marty in 9 Works Theatrical's Grease. This time, she's Heather, a Suburbian girl and Will's girlfriend. She finds it difficult to tell her boyfriend that she's pregnant. They settle down, but she struggles to maintain their relationship and eventually contemplates on leaving him.

Nelsito Gomez



Nelsito is a veteran thespian who played as Sonny in 9 Works Theatrical's Grease. Now, he's Tunny, an easily swayed dreamer intoxicated with Johnny's ideas, patriotism, and the American Dream. He eventually enlists in the army and is deployed to the Middle East.

Ela Lisondra



Ela is an international performer, Miss Saigonalumnus, and Disney Paris and Hong Kong actor. She's the Extraordinary Girl in American Idiot, an attractive and mysterious girl who appears as a sexual hallucination to Tunny. She later turns out to be his nurse and accompanies him home after the war. 

Ariel Reonal



Ariel is a seasoned thespian and international performer. He's a Hong Kong Disney and twiceMiss Saigon alumnus. Having portrayed a myriad of roles onstage, he's adept at breathing life into various characters. This time, he's the Favorite Son, Tunny's influence in the army.

Norby David [THEO]


Norby is a former vocalist and bassist of the alternative rock band Rivermaya. In American Idiot, he sings the electrifying scores of Green Day as Theo, Will's friend and comrade while walking down the boulevard of broken dreams.

Mako Alonso


Mako played Francis, a fussy stage manager of a nightclub in 9 Works Theatrical's La Cage aux Folles. In American Idiot, he's one of the waiting unknown, basking under the starry nights of the city of lights coming down over him. 

Gian Gloria


Gian, a Euro Pop Berliner finalist, is set to join the cast of the European premiere of Marco Poloin London, playing the lead role of Princess Toragana. As part of the American Idiot chorus, she sings along to the age of paranoia. 

Kendrick Ibasco


Kendrick is an events host and theater actor. He has been part of several productions including Repertory Philippines' Alice in Wonderland andPinocchio. In American Idiot, he experiences of a new kind of tension all across the alienation. 

Kai Atienza


Kai is a singer, songwriter, and host. She's a grand finalist at GMA-7's Bet Ng Bayan. She's part of the chorus in American Idiot—one of those who hear the sound of hysteria amidst the thumping backbeats and chainsaw guitars.

Shalee Vicencio


Shalee debuted in Repertory Philippines'Seussical the Musical. A singer, dancer, and visual artist, she considers theater her nirvana. Now, she churns out killer covers of the American Idiot songs while living in a nation under the new mania. 

Mark Tayag


Mark soared onstage as Sonny in 9 Works Theatrical's award-winning production, La Cage aux Folles. As part of the chorus in American Idiot, he hears the sound of the falling rain coming down like an Armageddon flame. 

Sarah Facuri

Sarah embodied Jan in 9 Works Theatrical'sGrease. In American Idiot, she sings her heart out while walking the empty street on the boulevard of broken dreams. Oddly interesting for someone who considers herself an accidental thespian. 

Chesko Rodriguez


Chesko is no stranger to the stage. He knows theater hysteria, having played as Chantal in 9 Works Theatrical's La Cage aux Folles. As chorus in American Idiot, he's one of the sons of rage and love, begging to dream and differ from the hollow lies of society. 


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