#HeatItUp at #GlobeSunkissed this Laboracay


Every year, people from all over the country flock to Boracay on Labor Day weekend for a few nights of fun, sun and sand. It’s a weekend jam packed with events and parties to attend and is often the highlight of summer for thousands of Filipinos.


If you’re looking for some of the hottest acts to catch, look no further than #GlobeSunkissed. This year, Globe is bringing together an amazing group of local and international DJs and some of the most sought after MCs to make sure that you have the best nights of #GlobeLaboracay.


When: April 28  to May 1, 2017

Where: White House, Station 1




These MCs will keep you woke, excited and wanting more.

MC Boo


The mastermind of Manila Hypin, MC Boo has mastered the art of pumping up a crowd. 


MC Jams


With a history of working up an audience in Palladium, MC Jams is killer on the stage. 


MC Marga


The woman of Marga on the Mic, this MC knows how to bring life to a party. 


MC Roda King


MC Roda King as made a name for himself for his high-energy all-nighter performances.



These local DJs that will get your hearts thumping and your feet dancing. 

Mars Miranda


Catch Valkyrie’s resident DJ throw it down just as hard on the sands of Boracay as he does for Palace Pool Club.


Kat DJ


With performances along the likes of David Guetta, Steve Aoki and Alesso, Kat DJ is sure to get you off your seat and on the dancefloor.


DJ Brian Cua


Get ready to sweat, because this founding partner of Hit Productions, Inc. knows how to turn up the heat.


DJ Carlo Atendido


You might never know what you’re going to get with this open-format DJ, but you’ll always be pleasantly surprised by his award-winning beats. 


David Ardiente


He might be more popular for his gigs as a Radio DJ for 99.5 Play FM, but David Ardiente knows how to mix it up behind the turntable. 


DJ Euric


Performing with Lil Jon, Azealia Banks and Mike Posner is impressive, but DJ Euric is most known for always getting the crowd pumped. 




Endearingly called the “King of Electro and Banging Remixes,” Funk Avy is a master of innovation and musical artistry. 


Gino V


This nurse-turned-DJ has a talent for keeping a crowd on its feet and is a staple at Distillery and Morals & Malice. 


Kouta Kutsuma


From the DJ school of Beat Project Manila, Kouta Kutsuma is one of the most known names in the industry and is often spinning for Black Market.


DJ Luane


More than just a beauty, DJ Luane knows how to handle electronic music and refreshing house beats that will leave you wanting more.


Marc Naval


With a resume that includes working for Valkyrie, Republiq, Encore Superclub and Reserve, DJ Marc Naval knows how to work a crowd. 


Martin Pulgar


If anyone has a knack for laying pumped up and invigorating selections, its DJ Martin Pulgar. He’s set the stage for Valkrie and Palace Pool Club.


Ron Poe

Dubbed the most creative EDM and open-format DJ in Manila, Ron Poe has the skillset necessary to electrify crowds.



Stay tuned for the full lineup of international DJs. 






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