An Exciting New Disney Princess Journey Begins!


Find out what happens when you dare to dream.


For every girl who dreams big, there is a Disney Princess to show her it’s possible. And Disney is giving young girls everywhere a chance to get a step closer to achieving their dreams.


Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream is the Philippines’ first digital reality series inspired by your favorite Disney Princesses that puts a spotlight on young girls who aren’t afraid to break the mold, embrace their ambition, dream big and go for it!


From hundreds of auditions, only six girls will be chosen to compete. Week after week, the lucky finalists will be faced with challenges with some fabulous rewards in store such as a chance to be mentored by the industry greats. Only one girl, however, will be chosen for the grand prize: a trip to Tokyo for the premiere of Disney’s live-action movie, Beauty and the Beast, where she will be walking down the red carpet, too!


Extraordinary challenges, daunting tasks and once-in-a-lifetime encounters await! Watch the six chosen finalists embark on an exciting journey to turn their dreams into reality. Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream premieres today Saturday, February 25, at 10.00am!









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Episode 1: The Auditions


The search is on!


Disney, in partnership with Globe Studios, invited girls nationwide to participate in auditions in their quest for inspiring, young Filipinas who truly dare to dream.


Hundreds of hopefuls lined up in Alabang Town Center and Ayala Center Cebu last October for a chance to star in the country’s first digital reality series. Only six girls, however, will make it into the I Dare to Dream house and embark on the exciting journey with Disney!


Which of the girls embody the admirable traits of beloved Disney Princesses? Who will get a chance to get a step closer to their dreams? Let’s find out!


Episode 2: The Finalists Revealed


Find out who made the cut


The six chosen finalists meet each other for the first time and get settled in the I Dare to Dream house. Get to know these modern day Disney Princesses as they let you in on their unique aspirations!


Do you have an early favorite? Whose dream inspires you most? Let us know in the comments section!

Episode 3: Rapunzel


Game on!


The six finalists are now living under one roof and are just starting to get acquainted. Though there can only be one winner, their teamwork will definitely be tested in the weeks of the competition.


In this episode, host Janina Vela pairs the girls off for a getting-to-know-you kind of challenge. The girls will have to channel their inner Rapunzel for this one as they race against time. The goal? To bring out their creativity and practice being inquisitive.


A little drama brewing, a few revealing moments and a whole lot of fun: Click on to watch this week’s episode!


Episode 4: Jasmine


Of furry friends, feline buddies and a slithering surprise:


These inspiring girls know that a modern-day Disney Princess goes beyond caring for just herself and other people. We often forget that animals and Mother Nature need some compassion, too! With that, the six finalists take a fieldtrip to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), where Janina reveals they will get to experience a day in the life of a full-fledged PAWS volunteer.


To be able to take on this challenge, the six girls will have to bring out their inner Princess Jasmine: be tough, resilient and game to rough it out.


Who is willing to get their hands a little dirty to win this week? Tune in to find out!


Episode 5: Belle


What would you do if you were given a chance to take something wornout and make it new again? The six finalists are about to find out.


Host Janina Vela returns to the I Dare to Dream house transforming the livingroom into a decked out arts and crafts station. The task for the young ladies is to revamp old t-shirts and create something new and exciting.


Like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, the girls will have to look past mere appearances and search for inner beauty. Their creativity will be put to the test as well.


Tune in to see what the girls created and the amazing afternoon in store for the Princess Belle of the bunch!


Episode 6: Special Challenge


The modern-day Disney Princesses get the royal treatment:


No one enjoys a surprise wakeup call, especially one that involves a bell ringing very early in the morning. But when you have a special day ahead of you with surprises at every turn, you just have to get up and get ready for it.


In this episode of I Dare to Dream, the six contestants start their day bright and early as host Janina Vela tells them to get dolled up for the week’s mysterious special challenge. Which road will their adventure lead them to this time? Hint: the girls’ fairy godmother in the show is at the end of it. Click on for this week’s episode!


Episode 7: Ariel


This challenge is not for the faint of heart—or stomach:


There are many ways you can explore new parts of the world all in the comfort of your home. In this challenge, the six girls do exactly just that. It’s time to go on a gastronomical adventure, where the girls’ willingness to try some of the world’s most unconventional delicacies will be put to the test. 


In the spotlight for this challenge is Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid. And just like Princess Ariel, the finalists will have to be brave, step out of their comfort zones and get ready to explore!


Episode 8: Cinderella


This episode is all about energy, dedication and hard work. This week, the girls let their inner performer take the stage in a special dance class with world-famous hip-hop group, the Philippine All-Stars. But what happens when you’ve got an entire dance routine to memorize with very little time? As tensions in the I Dare to Dream house rise again, the girls find they have more than dance steps to learn.


Click on to watch one of the most heartwarming episodes of I Dare to Dream!


Episode 9: Mulan


Everyone knows that a Disney Princess is more than just a pretty girl in a pretty dress. She is tough. She is resilient. And she sure knows how to fight for a meaningful cause.


This week’s challenge will not only test the girls’ physical strength, but their mental preparedness as well. Like Mulan, the beloved Disney heroine who fought for her country, they will also have to prove just how courageous and determined they are.


Will the mind-over- matter trick prove useful in this challenge? Will the obstacle be too daunting to face for some? Stay tuned to find out!


Episode 10: Concert


Weekly challenges, twists, turns and surprises have all led to this:


Watch as the six finalists rehearse, get all glammed up and perform along with a stellar musical lineup. It’s the Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream concert! And the girls are sharing the stage at the sold-out SM Mall of Asia Arena with stars like KC Concepcion, Julie Anne San Jose, Sam Concepcion and many more.


In this very special episode, Miss Lea Salonga returns, too, not only to headline the Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream concert but to make a long-awaited announcement. Who will be the winner of Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream? Click on to find out!


Episode 11: Tokyo Trip


“Do what you love and create out of love.” – Alan Menken


Last month, we witnessed Alexi, Hya, Stephanie, Sirach, Liana and Jaden wrap up their Disney journey with a sold-out concert at the Mall of Asia Arena. In a surprise move, Miss Lea Salonga revealed that all six of them were winners of the competition and were going to be flown to Japan for the Beauty and the Beast movie premiere.


Click on to watch the winners take on Tokyo in the series finale of Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream!


Episode 12: Tempura Kidz vs Janina Vela Music Video


What better way to cap off an Tokyo adventure than with a J-pop music video?


Watch as host Janina Vela lends her pipes for the MV—complete with an awesome rap break in the middle—and the six winners get down on the floor with famous Japanese pop dance group, Tempura Kidz.


For those who dare to dream, your new anthem is here!




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