12 of the Best Moments from I Dare to Dream Episode 3


Highlights, quotable quotes and things you might have missed from the Rapunzel episode



A Disney Princess is more than beauty, brains and even talent. Personality has to come into play, too—and beyond that, heart. Each week, the girls will take on a challenge that will test all of these things, but that doesn’t mean the little moments in between aren’t as exciting to watch out for.


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#1: When the girls put the team in teamwork and prepared their first meal together


The aspiring chef of the bunch, Sirach, even shared cooking tips with the rest.


#2: At breakfast, it got a little awkward when Alexi announced the best chef of the day


That adorable side-eye by Stephanie though…


#3: When host Janina Vela arrived to kick off the first challenge in the series


Everyone was pretty excited about it; Sirach even did a little dance.


#4: For the getting-to-know-you challenge, Janina paired Sirach with Stephanie


Which got this surprising reaction:



#5: A little insight into what’s going on please, ladies?


Looks like a rough start, but a word to the wise: first impressions aren’t everything.


#6: Meanwhile, the other girls seemed to be doing quite well


Hya partnered up with Liana and Alexi with Jayden.


#7: Later on, Stephanie shared her different perspective on the challenge


She figured a little humor might be the way to connect with Sirach.



And it worked like a charm. Sirach began to warm up to her.


#8: Stephanie presented first and introduced herself to everyone as Sirach


And guess who had a change of heart?


#9: Sirach did Stephanie proud, too, and was quite the comedienne


They all had a good laugh over that sleeping bra.


#10: Jayden did a little show and tell as she talked about the things Alexi enjoys


And Alexi can be the first Disney Princess who dabs, because why not?


#11: Liana started her introduction off with a play on words


Good one, Liana.


#12: Her partner for the challenge, Hya, had a bit of trouble overcoming nervousness


But when she powered through it, she did a stellar job.



It was fantastic not only to see the shy one in the group come out of her shell, but also to see how positively the girls reacted to one another in the final stage of the challenge.



Watch Episode 3: Rapunzel to find out which lucky finalist was selected for an individual activity with a world-famous mentor. You can also catch brand new episodes of Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream every Saturday at www.IDareToDream.ph!


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