5 Signs You’re a Modern-Day Princess


What does it take to be a true princess in this day and age? Let’s look beyond ball gowns and happy endings to see if you have the stuff that makes big dreams come true



1. Is your beauty is more than skin deep?

With or without makeup, through good-hair-days or frizzy Fridays, you’re happy with how you look. You know that true beauty comes from your purpose, your dreams and your love for others. 


2. Are you oozing with creativity?

It permeates every strand of your hair and every single step that you skip. Be it singing, cooking, or commanding your own army—you know what makes you special and you never hesitate to share your talents with others. 



3. Do you have the right tools?

At sea or on land, you always ask your questions and get some answers, then you find ways to use what’s around you to make things happen. Modern-day princesses are resourceful!


4. Do your besties tend to be covered in fur?

You attract friends from all walks of life. They come to you hopping on two feet and crawling on all fours! A kind-hearted princess knows that besties come in all forms and furriness.


 5. Are you brave enough to take chances?

You don’t sit around waiting for your dreams to come true. You look for adventure—even if it scares you, even if people may call you strange, you never hesitate to waltz into situations that call for courage and understanding. 



At the end of the day, being a princess is not about having a crown or a prince, it’s about being true to yourself, to never be afraid to dream big dreams and having courage to pursue them without letting anything get in your way. With those qualities in mind, you’ll be your own version of a modern day princess, so Dream Big, Princess! 



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