Flashback - Meet the Hopefuls of Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream


Who else joined Alexi, Jayden, Hya, Stephanie, Sirach and Liana in the Top 19?


Disney and Globe Studios searched far and wide for six inspiring girls to star in Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream, the country’s first digital reality series. After a grueling nationwide call-out, with over hundreds of girls vying for the top prize, we finally found the six contestants to embark on a journey of a lifetime.


We’re rewinding back to audition day. Here, you’ll meet a passionate environmentalist, an aspiring Formula 1 racer and a budding fashion designer – just a few of the many  Filipino girls who inspire us to dream big.



Watch episodes of Disney Princess: I Dare to Dream, the series that celebrates the many talents, hopes and dreams of young girls everywhere, on www.idaretodream.ph!


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