12, junior tennis player who currently ranks first in Asia for the 14-under age group




When you find your passion early on in life, there is a lot to give up. For Alex Eala, following tennis meant giving up hours out of her week to train—but as she said, it’s all worth it in the end.


Alex grew up in an athletic household. By the time she was mastering the grip of her racket, her brother was already running circles around his co-players. But the pressure of reaching success while in the shadow of her brother was never intimidating; it was guiding. The older Eala helped Alex and she, in turn, learned a lot from him. Together and apart, they’ve dominated the sport. The Asian Tennis Federation currently ranks Alex as the top player in the under-14 age bracket. She was also awarded a 6-foot trophy for the Little Mo International Grand Slam, of which she is the first junior player to receive one.



But beyond the international competitions, intimidating trophies and unmatched titles, is a young woman that admits balancing sports and school is a tough act to accomplish. The trick is to focus on one thing at a time. When it’s competition season, it’s all about tennis; when she’s on school grounds, she’s a student first and foremost.


Of course, it only helps that Alex has a support system that pushes and encourages her to keep going—and she herself knows the sweet taste of success after a long and grueling journey. So we say, if you want it, go for it!