11, theatre actress



As kids do, Krystal Brimner grew up reveling in all things entertainment: She allowed herself to get lost in the programs her mom allowed her to watch, indulged in movies and music videos…down to the 15-second commercials on TV. She recalls aspiring to become just like the actresses before her, hoping to one day be on the other side of that screen. Scenarios such as this aren’t out-of-the-ordinary for kids, no doubt, but what was a fleeting want for some turned out to be the real deal—a real need—for Krystal.


At just 11 years old, Krystal is turning out to be one to watch in theatre as well as on the big screen.



Theatre bugs might find they’ve been struck with déjà vu when they take a look at Krystal’s path as an artist thus far: she got her big break when she landed the lead role of Annie in the 2016 musical production, then became a member of the Von Trapp family, taking on the role of Brigitta in The Sound of Music live in Manila and is currently rehearsing for yet another musical that families in the metro can enjoy this holiday season. Who began her career with this pattern, you ask? It’s none other than Lea Salonga, the global superstar whose early projects were precisely Annie and The Sound of Music; Salonga took on the exact same roles as Krystal when she was around the same age. This comparison is in no way a reach especially when Lea Salonga herself not only acknowledges Krystal’s natural talent, but sings her praises, too. When she paid Krystal a visit in her Annie dressing room, the pair sang a duet of “Maybe” moments before the then-9-year-old took the stage, a rare treat for the eyes and ears to witness two stellar Annie’s from two different generations. “You sound fantastic. You sound wonderful. I think you will make an absolutely fantastic, fabulous, amazing Annie,” Salonga told a starstruck Brimner. “I look forward to coming to watch you.”


Other career-defining moments of Krystal’s include being named Best Child Actor in the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival, winning Best Child Actress at the 2016 Platinum Stallion Media Awards and garnering the Best Female Lead Performer award at the 2016 Philstage Gawad Buhay Awards.


Here, we have a star, ladies and gentlemen—and at 11, Krystal has only just begun.