28, youngest member of the Philippine House of Representatives



A youth leader in her college years, Rep. Sarah Elago’s journey to office was full of eye-opening experiences, humble advocacies and overwhelming demand.


Sarah served her student council during her junior and senior years in college. Her goal was to primarily lead value-adding student initiatives that focused on livelihood projects for nearby communities. But with the influence of her political party alliance, her perspective was broadened and she knew she had to and wanted to do more. What resulted was a focus on activism that targeted landlessness, extreme poverty, political dynasties and the commercialization of education. She understood with clarity that her role was not limited to her university’s walls.



Now, even with four years of activism behind her, Sarah admits there was never a moment when she wanted to step down from her advocacies. Yes, there were instances of distraction and confusion, but she understands that the road she long ago decided to walk on is one that was, is and will always be full of struggles. But with thousands of young people who are willing to carry the cross of change with her, how could she possibly falter?


Despite socio-economic background and despite gender, the potential of the young is virtually endless. And the dream of Sarah—which she shares with millions the world over—is an environment for the youth that has no barriers, restrictions or limitations.