24, co-founder of Out of The Box, a media literacy initiative




In a world of fast-spreading fake news, double-tapped Photoshop images and bandwagon-thinking, it has become difficult to distinguish between what’s real and what isn’t. People have lost themselves in the in-between of what should be believed and what should be questioned. And it is for these reasons that Sarah Torres has taken it upon herself to advocate media literacy—no matter what the consequence.


Out Of The Box, a media literacy initiative, was borne from the minds of Sarah and her college friends. But while they were all like-minded, Sarah knows how important it is to work with different personalities. It allows them to practice what they preach and call each other out when the need arises. 



It never was and never will be about getting the youth to think their way. From the beginning, Sarah and her Out Of The Box co-founders simply had the idea of opening minds that would lead to questions and eventual answers. With the understanding that the surplus of information drowns out individual thinking, the message they are trying to get across is to correct backward thinking and challenge long-standing ideologies.


It’s a big weight to carry in a digital world of swipes, likes and shares, but Sarah and Out Of The Box have taken it upon themselves to nudge shoulders and make critical thinking the norm.