17, internationally awarded independent film actress



Proving that passion can come from anywhere, Teri Malvar initially never considered acting as a career. And even when the opportunity was given to her, it was the inspiration she got from everyone else that kept her onset. 



Yes, Teri had a natural talent that directors could not deny, but no one can last on talent alone. It was the inspiration from everyone else—and her eventual love for the craft–that pushed her to grow and dominate the field. She prefers roles that are challenging, but she says she still finds herself in each of them. It’s all about internalization, she explains, and that she still had to inject her own self in order to make the character feel natural both for herself and for the camera.


Teri has been awarded both locally and internationally for her roles in independent films. One particularly notable one was the Best Actress Award from the Moscow International Film Festival, which she received at the ripe age of 16.


But in an industry that often times pushes boundaries, questions values and makes you confront the deepest parts of yourself, Teri has remained completely and utterly herself. Sure, she’s grown from an introverted girl to an effervescent woman beyond her years, but she’s kept her feet planted on the ground nonetheless. Her bubbly personality is strongly centered on her family, whom she says has been her foundation through it all.