We are looking for the following cast members (mostly males, aged 15 and above):

  • Jack Kelly - Leader of the Newsies.

  • Davey Jacobs - A new Newsie, more bookish than Jack. A leader in his own right.

  • Crutchie - Jack Kelly's best friend Newsie with a bum leg.

  • Les Jacobs - Davey's fearless younger brother.

  • Spot Conlon - Leader of the Brooklyn Newsies.

  • Joseph Pulitzer - Publisher of The World, a no-nonsense businessman.

  • Wiesel/Mr. Jacobi/Mayor - runs the distribution window of The World. / Owner of the deli. / The Mayor of New York City. 

  •  Katherine Plumber - A feisty young reporter.

  • Medda Larkin - A vaudeville star, owns her own theater.

  • Nunzio/Roosevelt - A barber/Governor Teddy Roosevelt

  • Seitz - Pulitzer's editor.

  • Bunsen - Pulitzer's bookkeeper.

  • Snyder - Warden of The Refuge; a frightening, spidery and sinister man.

  • Oscar Delancey - Morris's equally tough brother.

  • Morris Delancey - Heavily in charge of keeping peace at The World's distribution window.

  • Darcy - Upper-class son of a publisher.

  • Hannah/Show Girl - Pulitzer's secretary.

  • Show Girl


Audition Mechanics


Video requirements (1 file/video containing items below)


1) For Dancers, send a 1-1.5 minute video of your dance routine (Jazz/ Ballet/ Gymnastics/ Hip-Hop/ Tap and/or other dance techniques)

2) For Singers, send a 1-1.5 minute video of you doing a cover of your song choice.

3) For those who can both sing and dance, send your dance routine and song cover in a single 2-3 minute video.


The minimum video resolution is 720p.


Connect with us on our Facebook event page.


Uploading mechanics


OPTION 1 (via Youtube):

1) Upload the video to your personal YouTube account with the title: "Cast (Your Full Name) for #GlobeLive9WTNewsies!"

2) Afterwards, tweet your entry using the YouTube link with the hashtags #GlobeLive9WTNewsies & #SeizeTheDay, and tag @enjoyglobe.


OPTION 2 (via email):

Email your video to [email protected] and [email protected] with the subject #GlobeLive9WTNewsies Audition Video - (Your Name)


*We will contact you via Twitter or e-mail to get consent for uploading your audition video on our digital platforms. You may also send your consent letter along with your video file through e-mail for easier processing.


For audition callbacks scheduled on February 27-28 and March 5, we will contact you separately or you can tune in to go! for the callback announcements.


Submission of entries is until February 25, 2017


Watch the audition videos below



About the Partnership

Globe, the #1 mobile brand in the Philippines, has always gone the extra mile to cater to the evolving lifestyle of its customers. Wanting to give a richer experience whether online or on-ground, Globe expanded its efforts to give Filipinos access to world-class content and entertainment with the launch of Globe LIVE and its concept of ‘accidental theater.’


Through Globe LIVE and its original live productions, content that used to be available only to a few, such as theater, was now easily enjoyed by many. By building a dynamic space like the entertainment zone at Globe Iconic Store BHS Amphitheater, Globe was able to open up a whole new venue for more inclusive events.


The first and only open-air theater concept in the country, Globe LIVE had a banner launch with its first ever full-on Filipino theatrical production in partnership with 9Works Theatrical, Green Day’s American Idiot


Further validating its success is its recent major wins at the coveted Broadway World Philippines Awards for 2016. Globe LIVE and 9Works Theatrical’s Green Day’s American Idiot gained recognition in 8 significant categories:


●  Best Choreography (Musical)—PJ Rebullida

●  Best Crossover Artist (Mainstream to Theater)—Jason Fernandez

●  Best Direction of a Musical—Robbie Guevarra

●  Best Featured Actor (Musical)— Basti Artadi

●  Best Featured Actress (Musical)— Alex Godinez

●  Best Hair & Make-up Design—Myrene Santos

●  Best Locally Produced Broadway Show (Musical/Play)—American Idiot

●  Best Musical Direction (Musical)—Daniel Bartolome/Onyl Torres


Staying true to its commitment of creating more world-class productions, the audience can look forward to the annual A Christmas Carol holiday production in December, as well as Globe LIVE’s latest venture with 9Works—Disney’s internationally acclaimed musical, Newsies.





"Disney's NEWSIES is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI)"

All authorized performance materials are also provided by MTI.

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Phone: 212-541-4684    Fax: 212-397-4684



Music by
Alan Menken

Lyrics by

Jack Feldman

Book by

Harvey Fierstein


Based on the Disney Film

written by Bob Tzudiker and Noni White


Originally produced on Broadway by

Disney Theatrical Productions.