Nas Daily: Living on $0.00 for a day!


I wanted to see if I can live on $0.00 for the whole day only by relying on the generosity of complete strangers. And holy cow, IT WORKED!!!


I never asked directly to be helped, never mentioned Nas Daily, and never faked a situation. In all 3 cases, people chased me to provide water, food, or directions to the nearest hotel (before knowing I had no money). It blew my mind.


The water guy, he noticed I looked Middle Eastern and immediately offered water because we’re both Muslim.


The food guy, he was unemployed for a while but only TODAY got a job (pays $8 a day) and so he wants to share his blessing by buying me a $1.30 meal. Please message me dude, I didn’t get your message! I need to pay you back.


Finally, I am here writing this from the home of a stranger who had no problem offering his entire apartment (very tiny) and his bed (only a mattress) to a complete stranger. He wants 0 things in return, but I insisted on giving back, so he said that you should like his friend’s new non-profit Facebook page: Filipino Educators of Tomorrow. Please do that.


I am not in the business of feel-good, inspirational, sometimes cheesy content. But holy f*** sh**, that was AWESOMEEEE!!!!!!


One last caveat: I do think that in GENERAL it’s much easier for foreigners to get help. If I were a Filipino this would be harder. That’s just a fact. I don’t know how to reconcile that or don’t know what to think of it. But I take comfort in knowing that in all 3 cases above, the desire to help was genuine and was above race, gender, or social status.


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P.S Please don’t tell me to visit the islands in the comment section. I promise I will soon. There’s more to the Philippines than just pretty beaches.






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