Nas Daily: This Isn't Another Island


Doing a one minute video that is all drone shots or beautiful island footage is BORING! 


I want to get to the bottom of what really makes all these islands so special aside from their beauty -- and that's HARD! 


For example, today we spent half the day above water, and the other half UNDERWATER. And the life underneath, to me, was more interesting than the one above it. So I made sure the video reflects that. Just giving you some background info as to why I decide to do each video the way I do 


I couldn't do this video without the help of my tour guide Emile (who was already a Nas Daily viewer!!) from Calamianes Expeditions & Ecotours. And as always, thanks Kata from The Funny Lion for putting up with me all day long. 


PS: My new drone is performing better than expected so far. I literally can't notice a difference between the Mavic and the Phantom 4 (info here: Funny enough, I saw a Phantom 4 drown today. 


PPS: To the 10 people I met at the Lake (who ALSO already watch Nas Daily!!!), I'm sorry I didn't use the footage we took. There was a problem with the audio :( 


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