Little Chicks - Snack Attack E03 with Team Kramer


From tiny treats to something real mighty for the kids, Team Kramer levels up the vegetable game using these Little Chicks! Then, we'll do a little kitchen experiment to create your very own Elephant Toothpaste.


Snack Attack is your route to fun experiments and creative food pieces for our favorite family, Team Kramer! 



Recipe designed by @jacobs_food_diaries



125 grams Organic Brown Rice

125 grams White Rice 

500ml Water 

250ml Coconut milk 



2 pcs onion, small size, red, quartered 

1 pc carrot, small size, finely diced 

1 pc zucchini, small size, finely diced

250 grams spinach 

100 grams bell pepper, red, finely diced

15ml Vegetable oil 

300 grams chicken breasts 

Wholemeal wrap 

Black pancake (see previous episodes for instructions)





STEP 1: 

First, bring to boil a mixture of water and rice in a pot.


STEP 2: 

Boil the chicken and a quartered piece of red onion in water. Then, season with salt and pepper. 


STEP 3: 

Once the chicken is cooked, shred it with a fork or a food processor. 


STEP 4: 

Then, heat some coconut oil in a pan. 


STEP 5: 

Sautee red onion, half a carrot, zucchini, red bell pepper, and spinach. 


STEP 6: 

When the vegetables have softened and begun to caramelize, add the shredded chicken and stir until cooked. Then set aside.